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3 Days in a Musical Paradise: Sunburn’18 with Fastrack

I believe music is the strongest form of magic. Imagine a moment you are standing in a ground, away from daily rushes, everyone is carrying a broad smile and some soulful music is playing in the back…sounds like a dream? I just can’t wait to express the excitement of living that dream. Yes, I attended the Asia’s Biggest Music Festival- Sunburn’18 from 29-12-2018 to 31-12-2018. What a blast ending of the year!! I just felt I am living in some other world where everyone is happy and full of life.


Let’s rewind the scene- moving 7 days back from the due date:

I am sitting in my office, doing usual day to day work and suddenly received a mail: “Would you like to be a promoter in Sunburn’18 on behalf of Fastrack?” At that moment my mind flew to the musical aura under electric sky from my engineering cell… and that too for the brand from where most of my accessories belong to. Guess my reply… Hahaha…I guess you know me well… I just shoot a mail “Yes, I am in”. What a relief!!… 2018 has already been a total roller coaster for me and if an adventure is calling me at the end, let’s do this. So, with a excitement level 100, I started doing my shopping for 3 days look book. I know, I have already spammed you a lot with showcasing my Sunburn outfits. That’s such a fun thing to do.. 😉 Instagrammers, gimme a hi5!!


Bucket list= Attending  Sunburn’18, Status: Done

Day 1:

It was Saturday and trust me it was not an usual Saturday for me. Sunburn'18I woke up early in the morning, did the regular home cleaning, done with low calorie cooking as I don’t want to look fat today, went to beauty salon for self-pampering and after that at 5 PM, I reached Oxford Golf Resort that is the destination of Sunburn’18. There I met my Fastrack team…. A bunch of happy people who are as excited as me  :P. Believe me I am in clouds 9 as I have a squad to enjoy now.


And we entered in the festival area and what a magical moment it was!! I felt like stepping into a dream from the reality… soulful music is playing around the hills, chilled weather and it feels love is in the air. Soon we moved ahead to the Fastrack activity area and for a moment I stood still. Wait….am I living the Cochella dream of Instagram? Because I could see a big ferries wheel, sky diving set up, a chilled stage with bean bags, showcasing my favorite Fastrack accessories.  Being honest, Fastrack is the brand of my first watch of life…and today, when I got a chance to promote Fastrack, I am definitely out of the world. And the journey begins…. Take two shots of vodka, click pictures wherever you can as you can find Instagram worthy location in every corner, listen to the sweet sounded rhythm and what?? Dance it out baby….that’s all we want at our age.

Suburn'18 Sunburn'18

It was already 10 PM and I decided to restore some energy for the next day. Because??? Because this is the day when I am going to see LIVE performance of Alan Walker.

Day 2:

Of course, not an usual morning… get cleaned up, have your meal, prepare your dress and Google some music festival hair ideas and finally end up with open hair :D. As it is the Alan Walker day, I am going to wear my favorite outfit that I saved for today:

Sunburn'18 Sunburn'18

I reached the beautiful heaven in Oxford Golf resort at around 3 PM and headed straight to the Fastrack area zone. I have never ride in a ferries wheel and damn, I am going to do it for the very first time. Hold me please, I am not scared!! I just don’t want to fall :P.  The moment it started rotating I could see the breathtaking view of Sunburn’18 from the top. What the hell I was doing in my last 20 years!!

Sunburn'18 Sunburn'18

And it is about to sunset and it is the coke and burger time. I bought a burger and a coke and ate it inside a tent comfortably. Then what…. Arreee, let’s click some picture before sunset and as like as everyone out there, me: “Woh Sunburn lettering ke sath mera bhi ek photo le na” :P. Instagram routine… you guys can understand right !! And I met @thecozyvibe (Puja Mundra) in the same set up and we clicked a cute selfie…. She is damn gorgeous !!!

Sunburn'18  sunburn'18


Chalo, now the most awaited time…it 7:00 and I am standing in the crowd waiting for him to be on stage. “You were the shadow to my light…..” yayyyyy…… I could barely listen to my voice as everybody was cheering at the samefrequency.  Alan walker is definitely a dream comes true moment and I have never danced that crazy before. He is truly amazing.

Sunburn'18 Sunburn'18

Day 3:

I am little sad because the year gonna end today so as the Sunburn’18. But also very excited to welcome 2019 with a badass DJ of the season: DJ Snake. Have you tried to dance in “Taki Taki” till now? On YouTube, Instagram, Stage….or even in Bathroom? I am expecting at least 90% yes because it went literally viral among people. I have performed it in bathroom and this time going to move LIVE with DJ Snake. On that note, I wore my third day outfit and headed to Sunburn hills. As always, I prefer little rage before getting wild in the air…. So tried Fastrack slider. Believe me, I tried 4 times and never able to manage a smooth landing. Every single time I fell so hard over the foam but it was so fun!! If you have done that during Sunburn, hi5!! I can imagine the fun you had.


Had a blast evening with GullyGang and all thanks to Sunburn’18 for the amazing artist lineup. Gullygang is a real desi entertainment… and everybody out there couldn’t help but dancing.  Now come the much awaited moment, theSunburn'18 year is about to end and it deserves to end with a bang. Let’s take a shot and show some moves with DJ Snake. What a magical moment….the moment I wanted for the rest of my life.


So this is my journey of three days in Asia’s biggest music festival: Sunburn’18.  Isn’t it like an adventure?  I have lived three days of my life like I have never lived before. So, at the end of my Sunburn’18 story, let me tell you guys one thing… if you are having a spot of attending a music festival in your bucket list, just go for it.. Trust me, it will make memories, reborn your inner-self and you can see the happiest version of yourself.





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