Hi, I am Kiyashmi

I am a Lifestyle and Business coach from Assam, India. I help small business and Creators to build and maximise their online presence through Social media  management, consultation, optimisation and strategic coaching.

I am helping…

  1. Content creators to create their personal brand and skyrocket the organic growth and reach. If you have ever dreamt of making a full-time income by using social media, I will help you to make it a reality.
  2. Small business owners to  boost up their brand presence by effective Social media strategy


What I can do for you

Social media management

I can help you to grow your Social media channels organically.

WordPress Website building

I can create a responsive Website in WordPress as per your requirement.


Analyse your existing brand/Social media channels and provide strategic coaching to grow and shine.

Content/Graphics creation

I can create contents for your Social media channels using Adobe photoshop, Adobe illustrator and Canva.


Tell me your idea and I will help you to make it reality. Let's build your dream Brand from scratch.

Photography and promotion

I can promote your products and brand all over my social channels with some super creative photographs.

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