10 must have photo editing apps for Aesthetic pictures

Aesthetic Pictures

Dear readers, First of all, apology for being MIA since long. Life needed some settlement, so I took a break to gather myself. Aesthetic picturesTrusting the timing of my life, I am back with a new energy. Okay…stories apart, I hope you all are staying safe during this pandemic situation. I totally understand this time is hard, but this time will pass too. Till then, stay calm and stay safe. During this lockdown period, I have been focusing a lot on my photography and editing skills. Today, I am going to share with you top 10 must have photo editing apps for some aesthetic pictures. I have found them super easy to use and can be a turning page of your editing skills. Lets find them out.


10 must have photo editing apps for Aesthetic pictures:

1#PicsArt: I am pretty sure you must be drooling over the pictures posted by the creators these days which are edited with PicsArt. PicsArt is definitely my favorite one as it gives me full control to create aesthetic pictures the way I want. Let it be background, sketch effect, addition of pretty elements like butterflies, glitters, wings or flowers- PicsArt has totally stolen my mind. I am showing you few photographs that are created by some amazing creators on Instagram using this app:

If you are feeling the vibe of these photographs, their feed… you need to install PicArt on your phone right away. They have VIP membership to purchase for premium features but you can also earn it by participating and winning various challenges launched by PicsArt.

2#Enlighten Pixaloop: If you are following me on Instagram, you must have noticed that I talk a lot about this app. If I can see the sky or water on my photograph, I am directly moving to this app for editing. With this app I can manipulate the sky, water and also I can add any LIVE objects to create aesthetic pictures. I have also added few editing tutorials of this app on my IGTV channels. 

You can export LIVE photographs to your phone if you have Enlighten Pixaloop VIP membership. Even if you don’t have you can still use it to see how it looks and take a screenshot. I am sorry for the piracy kinda tip 😉!! But as long as it helps you all to create some amazing aesthetic pictures, then why not 😊?

3#Snow: I have started using this app recently and I am falling in love with the gorgeous effects it has like – Bling, Glitch, Light, Grain, Polaroid, Dust, Mosaic, Frame, Particle and Split. Snow doesn’t only give you the access to create some aesthetic pictures, it also gives you to create some aesthetic videos as well. 

This app comes for FREE. So, you are just one installation away from embrace your creativity.

4#Tezza: I love this app because of it’s amazing in-built filters. The filters give pretty vintage look to your photographs along with effect like Dust. You can also edit your videos using Tezza. 

This app charges a purchase for some filters but you can start with it’s free version to explore this app features.

5#RetroCam: If you are fan of vintage aesthetics like me, this app you should have on your phone. Retrocam has beautiful polaroid filters that can take you back to 80’s vibes. To create some aesthetic pictures, you should definitely try this app out.

6#VSCO: This app is still GOLD. The filters of VSCO is soo well balanced, I just love using this app. I find this app very clean and easy to use. If you haven’t tried this app, I suggest you to go to store and give it a go. Trust me, you wont regret on this.

7#CALLA CAM: Are you looking for an easy peasy app to make your pictures look warm? This app has a lot and lot of warm filters you gonna crush over. This camera gives you warm filmed look and make some amazin aesthetic pictures.  I mostly use it for my Instagram stories. 

8#Prequel: I have been using this app since a very long time. A big  and big thumbs up for this app for it’s unique features. This app has some effects that I have rarely seen on other apps, specifically the mist, snow and rain effect. It creates a beautiful vibe on your photograph. I have been using the FREE version of this app and I can still create some aesthetic pictures for my feed. 

9#Werble: With the help of this app you can make a 3D picture by adding 3D elements and effects and it looks super cool. You can blend it looping visuals to create some aesthetic pictures. If you are into animated editing, you need to try this app. 

10#Afterlight: Do you take lighting as priority while editing a photograph for some amazing aesthetic? If so, I got the right suggestion for you. With Afterlight you can play with the lighting of your pictures. Aesthetic pictures


I hope you’ve found this listicle helpful. I have been using all those mentioned apps personally to create aesthetic pictures and found it very less time taking and easy to use. Although I love to play with photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, sometimes we need a fast forward. Therefore, I have these apps installed which helps me to get it done real quick with no false. 

I hope you will use these apps and lift up your creative mind by creating some breathtaking aesthetic pictures. And don’t forget to tag me on your creation 😉, I would love to stalk you!!


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