10 Must-join Influencer Marketing Platforms in 2019

influencer marketing platforms

Question: Who is living the most happening life in the world? The answer is an Influencer!! This is the most common answer you will get if you raise this question today. What else do you need when you can earn money by documenting your day-to-day lifestyle? We often stumble upon so many influencing Instagram profiles daily but the question is, “Do you want to be one of them?” If you wanna be, let’s take one step ahead in this journey. In this Blog post, I am going to introduce 10 must-join influencer marketing platforms that connect a brandย to influencers. Excited? So am I!! ๐Ÿ˜›

Hey Hey, before getting into the Blog post, let me clear out your mind. If you are thinking that you need a huge following to be an influencer, it’s definitely not. No matter if you have 100k followers or 1k followers if you have a real following and great engagement, Brands will work with you. Remember, Quality>Quantity. So get over from the number-increasing game and focus on how can you influence others. Well on that note, let’s move on to our trendiest Influencer Marketing Platforms.

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Influencer marketing platforms Influencer marketing platforms

Influencer marketing platforms Influencer marketing platforms




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10 Must-join Influencer Marketing Platforms in 2019: #socialinfluencer

1# IndaHash:ย IndaHashย is the most successful influencer marketing platform of 2018. This platform has connected with 912k social media influencers and successfully completed campaigns with some leading brands like Nestle, Fanta, KFC, Mc.Donalds and many more.ย IndaHashย is definitely a must-join platform to boost up your career as an influencer.

Join the IndaHash community today

2# Glambassador: It is a growing Influencer Marketing Platform of 2019. I have been working with Glambassador as an influencer and I must say, it is a great platform to start with your influencing brand. The thing I like most about this platform is- you don’t need to proceed with a long procedure while pitching to a brand.

Join the Glambassador community today

3# Dealspotr.com: This is one of my favorite. This influencer marketing platform pays a super cool amount on the basis of your influencing score against a successful campaign. You can find multiple LIVE campaignsย to take part. Choose your kinda campaign, pitch the client and wait for the best response. Finger crossed !! ๐Ÿ™‚

Join the Dealspotr.com community today

4#ย Heartbeat.com: I must say, It is a great influencer marketing platform to jump into a happening influencing life. The campaigns pay really well to influencers and the campaigns run super smoothly.

Join the HearBeat.com community today

5#ย Influenster: For small influencers, it is a great initial step. If you are looking to build your portfolio, go ahead withย Influenster.

Join the Influenster community today

6# Spotinfluencer: This influencer marketing platform connects influencers and bloggers with brands across India. If your engagement is based in India,ย Spotinfluencerย is a trendy platform to join. You can also download the app from Android or iOS.

Join the Spotinfluencer community today

7# Winkl: What are you doing if you haven’t joined Winkl yet? You can call Winkl as a new generation of Influencer Marketing where you can create your own portfolio to take part in some exciting campaigns.ย  Winklย is less of a platform and more of a family. ๐Ÿ™‚

Join the Winkl team today

8# Tribe: This is a platform that cheers up the creativity of an influencer. No matter although you have a less following,ย your creative content ideas will connect you with brands.

Join the Tribe community today

9# Julias:ย Juliasย is another Influencer marketing platform to start as an influencer with a bang. This community has already completed successful campaigns with Godaddy, Puma, Viacom, and many leading brands.

Join the Julias community today

10# TapInfluence: You must have heard about the largest campaign library. Yes, TapInfluence has a big campaign library from where you can find your matching campaign to pitch.

Join the TapInfluence community today

So, these are the top 10 Influencer marketing platforms that you must join today. I have made this listicle including the platforms from where I am benefitted. I hope it will help you to boost up your influence and establish you as a leading influencer of 2019.

Would you like to add any more platform to this listicle? If so, you are all welcome to mention it in the comment section below. ๐Ÿ™‚

Wanna roll over an influencer profile? Maybe a hellow? Let’s connect on Instagram : @Kiyashmi ๐Ÿ™‚

Till then,ย Ta Da!!


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