5 Steps to Land on Your First Sponsored Post

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So you have reached the timeline where you are thinking to take your Instagram game as your income source, right? Trust me, you are perfectly ready for this as you have already set up your mind and landed on this post. I genuinely believe that nothing can stop a determined mind and a hardworking soul. So, let me keep you calm and confident quoting that it is going to be super easy. Well, As you believe that your Instagram feed has become a plesponsored postasing gallery to watch with your recent travel pictures, an amazing #ootd or maybe a gorgeous flat-lay, now it is the time to monetize it. Awesome, you are done with your first step: having a crystal-clear-confident mindset about what you are up to. So, let me just guide you with the next few steps. Today I am going to share my experience listing with some points to land on your first sponsored post.

A Complete Guide to Land on Your First Sponsored Post:

1# Create your own identity:

This is probably the most important thing to land on your first sponsored post. Whenever people see your name, they must have a picture of what you are bringing next. If you want to stand out among the big planet of influencers, have faith in your personality and nurture it. Believe me, this is the only thing that makes you stand up with uniqueness and awesomeness. And this is what a brand search within an influencer: the ability to influence people in your distinctive manners.
Wondering how can you display yourself in the grid of Instagram??
I am happy to say that it can be anything…. It can be your “ A happy messy hair day” or a “Picture perfect snap with your dogo”…literally anything that can spread the vibe of yours. When someone wakes up in the morning and look at your picture, he/she should have a real motivation to follow you. Being what you are in a picture helps you to build a loyal engaged audience and this is what exactly a brand notices in an influencer.
(Let me make it simple for you with an example. I have been a big Disney adore since my childhood…
Unicorn and fairies make me happy. So, whenever I upload a picture, I try to give that a dreamy
touch with my edits, caption or my “still growing” creative head. )

sponsored post
Go beyond your comfort zone, tell people what you are, let your picture speaks on behalf of you… believe me when I say it, “The right ones will respect and stick by you.” Gosh, I have made a very long point…and in short, this is what we call “BRANDING”.

2# Consistency is the key:

Do you remember a poem you read a month back? Exactly, that happens with your followers too when you disappear from Instagram for long. Then it becomes hard to get the loyalty back and stop them to unfollow you. The reason I am speaking this: your followers come before the brand. The brand examines you based on your followers and they can have an idea that how influencing you are. I feel you, posting different content daily is a challenge. So what I do in super busy days, I create contents as many as possible on weekends and keep it for my busy days. I literally can’t afford to lose followers because of my hectic schedule. Better you make a calendar of your Instagram and try to stick by it. After all, consistency is the commitment and I believe it with definitely help you to land on your first sponsored post.

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3#Create a media kit:

This one must be the “most oftenly heard” word for you: Media kit. A media kit is a PDF document nicely designed with graphics that answers why should a brand choose you.
In simple words, a media kit comprises of the following points:
 Your Blog, social media URL and a short description of your theme.
 Your audience insights and demographics.
 What you can offer (Static post, videos, giveaway, etc)
 Your commercials
 For which brands you have previously worked for, this basically works as your portfolio.
So, these simple things answer all the questions a brand might have while selecting the right influencer. Till now you must have realized why should you have a media kit and how it helps to get a sponsored post.

4#Approach the brands:

Would your favorite brand like to be partnered with you? Well, you never know until you ask, right? The misconception we always have as a beginner that a brand approaches the influencers. I also had until I realized that it is all about good networking and took a chance. You never know, you may become a favorite one of your favorite brand.

Now the question is: How can you approach?
 Initially, I would like to suggest you make a list of your favorite brands, collect their email id and research about their new collections. Knowledge is impressive and it works every damn single time.
 Prepare a draft email quoting like:

“Dear team @[brand name]
I have been using your products [specify if you can] since very long and I must say that I am a
very proud consumer. I have been recommending [brand name] to my friends and followers.
I am an influencer in [your niche] and own a blog named as [your blog name]. I am writing this email to enquire about the possible opportunity to partner with your brand. As my
audience interest is align with [the brand name], I am confident that we can run a great
campaign together.
I am attaching my media kit along with this email. If it interests you, let’s go ahead and talk
about this?
Kind Regards,
[your name]
[social media handles]

This is an example and you can keep customizing it the way you want to convey. Finger crossed!! I definitely, need a treat if you land on your dream sponsored post/campaign.

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5#Build a portfolio:

Building your portfolio is very important if you wanna aim for a big shot. Let’s talk about barter collaboration. I have seen bloggers talking about “say NO to barter collaboration”. Unfortunately, I disagree. I believe in building a good relationship and if a barter collaboration can build the stairs to my dream campaign then why not? And if you are a beginner, I just want to motivate you to do barter collaboration, build the audience and make your favorite brand believe in your capabilities.

sponsored post sponsored post

You can also shoot DMs to some brands and join some influencer marketing platforms as well. Speaking from my own experience, a barter collaboration helped me to land on a sponsored post with the same brand itself. Trust me, when you are in a competitive market, a good network building ability always works in your favor.

So, these are the steps that helped me to land on my very first sponsored post on Instagram. I guess this detailed guide will help you to monetize your Instagram as well. If you have any query, any suggestion… I am always open to it. Drop it down at the comment section below or you can mail me at kiyashmiblog@gmail.com.
Want to have a person to person chat?? Why not a DM on my IG handle @Kiyashmi .

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