About Me

Before getting into more technical stuffs, please let me introduce whom you are reading…..

“A small town girl with big dreams”– looks like this sentence would totally define me but I belong to a small village instead of a town. Yes, I belong to a beautiful village of Assam,India and we call it “Chamata” from Nalbari. I can’t tell you how proud I am  being a village-grown girl. I finished my high-school from a nearby school and after 10th I moved to the town for higher secondary degree. By the blessing of Almighty and my beloved parents, I scored good in 12th and got admission in one of the renowned university of India- Tezpur University. Like the 80% students of India, who scored well in Science stream,I opted for the most obvious thing: B.Tech in Mechanical. Aaahh!!! University life…. Big classroom, big library, big playground, surrounded by greenery ….it was almost like dream comes true.

Can you see Blogging this far? Well, here comes the twist… It pains to take money from parents when you have seen their struggles and hard work. So, I started digging the internet looking for ways to earn money without hampering my studies. Luckily, I have been involved into writing since my childhood and I never missed to continue this. So, I came up with the idea of working as a “Freelance Writer”. With a 5-star rating on Upwork, I started managing a good amount of money in my student life. Soon I saw a bigger picture and the idea of Blogging appeared in my mind. Now what?Yes, you are right…. I started from “What is Blog?”.

I almost took whole out of Blogging knowledge from Google and after 3 months I couraged to start my own Blog “Twenties and Lifestyle” by Kiyashmi. What a turning page of my life!! 😀  As my blog was growing, I started growing too. I learned lot many things once getting started with it. At the end of my graduation year, I got selected in Cummins India Ltd as a Product Engineer…RELIEF!!! Finally, I proved, Blogging didn’t hamper my studies.

The happy face of  leveling UP!!

So, what is the That Blogging Girl?

Got a job, moved to a new city,took a new apartment and now it’s time to look ahead. I analyzed my Blog:“Twenties and Lifestyle” and boom!!! I found my real readers…. Gosh, it took me 1 year to find out my audience. But as now I have found it, it’s time for me to please them more with my words, treating them as my family. So, narrowing down my niche, I stepped on the next level of my dream by creating “That Blogging Girl”.

What that blogging girl says:

That Blogging Girl believes,“Don’t let your dreams be just dreams”. Today when I look at that 20 years old college going girl digging up the internet and gathering information about Blogging, I feel so proud!! I really wanna thank her for having courage to look beyond. So, when you dream about Blogging and absolutely have no idea where to head, type www.thatblogginggirl.comon Google and trust me, I will put all my efforts to guide you towards. I care for dreams and most importantly the courage of making it real…. And I can also feel the same feeling when you dreams to start a Blog but feel lost in the sea.That Blogging Girl is not an AI that will command you with all https and //, it is me, I have totally written on vanilla language because I remember, how much I hate when someone teaches me with no head and tail.

The next question, Am I an expert?

Hell NO, I am no expert… I am an explorer… who doesn’t dare to fly above and beyond to fulfill her dreams. You can call this Blog as reflection of my experience as everything I type, I have been through. Then what turned me to be a Blogging guide? I failed 99th times and rose at 100th. So yeah, I know how it feels when it fails.And when it comes to learning, I am still growing, still learning….maybe from you, maybe from other bloggers, maybe from some dreamers.

Lastly, I believe living one life is enough if you do it right!! So, I explore my passion for Fashion, and my lust for being wanderlust :). On that note, I am definitely going to make some post on my Travel diary and #StyleXKiyashmi 🙂

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Had a long conversation, right??

So, let’s build a tribe now….atribe of dreamers who scares to end up with “Just a dream”.

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