self hosted

Hosted Vs Self hosted: Say bye to the confusion

So you want to start a Blog but confused between hosted and self-hosted? Perhaps you are worried about whether you will have enough time to take your Blog further, maybe you are not sure about the profit of your investment. What should you do now? Read this Blog post !! No doubt, there are so many sites on Internet that...

3 Days in a Musical Paradise: Sunburn’18 with Fastrack

I believe music is the strongest form of magic. Imagine a moment you are standing in a ground, away from daily rushes, everyone is carrying a broad smile and some soulful music is playing in the back…sounds like a dream? I just can’t wait to express the excitement of living that dream. Yes, I attended the Asia’s Biggest Music Festival-...
blogging journey

My Blogging Journey: How Did I Launch My First Blog

Let’s welcome this new “AVTAAR”, yes you heard me correct. It’s a renovated form of my last Blog: Twenties and Lifestyle. If you have been a reader of Twenties and Lifestyle you may be aware of that I am all about Blogging, not only as a hobby blogger but also how can you turn your hobby into a lifestyle. Yes,...
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