Make Money using CANVA in 10 different ways

make money using Canva

People say making money online is not easy. It’s TRUE. But easy for those who can think out of the box. Well, I belong to a society where people seek jobs once they get a degree. The process of seeking a job and getting a job looks very frustrating specially in a country like India where the job employment rate is 36.2% as per economictimes India. Seeking a job after graduation is not a bad thing. But to be honest, look at the competition. There are million of students who are graduating every single year, but do we have million of job openings in our country? No right? Which doesn’t mean that you cannot live a financially stable life. The future belongs to those make money using canvawho learn more skills and combine them in creative ways. You will be amazed if you research and look into the ways to make money online. Here, I am going to talk about a FREE graphic designing tool that can be your income stream to stabilize your finance. Yes, I am talking about CANVA. CANVA is a FREE & online graphic designing tool for EVERYONE. In this Blog post, I am going to enlighten you with 10 ways to make money using CANVA.

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What is CANVA:

CANVA is an online free graphic design tool which is very easy to use. Even if you have a very minimal knowledge on Graphic designing, you can still create something beautiful with CANVA.

If you have no idea about CANVA, please don’t worry. At the end of the article, I will be listing down a few very affordable courses and FREE resources which will help you to learn CANVA. After that, all you need is just practice.

P:S- I am not a professional Graphic designer or an expert. Over the years of practice, now I can create professional graphics using CANVA. Afterall, skills come from consistent and deliberate practice.

10 ways to make money using CANVA:

1#Logo Design:

A Logo is a graphic mark that represents a brand. The journey of business starts with a logo that should be timeless and relevant to the business. You can create a story-telling logo with CANVA for brands and make money from it. Research says that $100 is the least decent amount that brands pay to get an acceptable logo that fits according to brands needs. If you have a little knowledge on logo design and a storytelling creativity, surprise everyone by creating logos and making money from it.

2#Social media graphics design:

This is another high-paying niche that you can hold on to. Brands or biz owners follow a very busy schedule. Whereas, handling and managing their social media channels are equally important for them. Most of them do not have the time to create multiple social media graphics while maintaining the same quality. You can create Social media graphics (Instagram posts, Facebook posts etc) for them using CANVA and make it a good income stream.

Here I am showing you some snaps I took from Fiverr-the freelancing platform. Freelancers are making thousands of sales by creating Social media graphics for their clients.




Branding is a key factor that helps a business to become successful. CANVA pro allows you to do branding and earn a very handsome salary for living. The most important reason the brands go for branding is to get recognition and become known to the consumers. Branding increases business value and biz owners do not hesitate to do some investments on it. 

4#Pinterest pin design:

Pinterest is a great search engine to drive traffic and sales to business. The requirement to achieve that includes: Creating eye-catchy pin, pinning consistently and some strategic management. You can create beautiful Pinterest graphics with CANVA and sell it to your potential clients. This is actually a very easy way to make money using CANVA. Let’s have a quick look how much Graphic designers are charging for pin design for Pinterest.

5#Card design:

You can design any type of card with Canva and sell. It can be Business card, Invitation card, Wedding card, Birthday card, Thank you card….and many more. In ETSY, I have found many designers creating gorgeous cards and making a significant money from it. 

make money using CANVAmake money using CANVA make money using CANVA

6#E-book design:

You can actually design and write e-books with Canva. Bloggers, coaches often search for a designer who can turn their word document into a sales funnel. You can provide them a service of E-book design and make money from it.

7#Planner/Tracker design:

Planners are amazing productivity tools. People use it to keep a track on their goals by planning ahead. It can be a meal planner, water-intake planner, social media planner, Blog planner or just a day-to-day planner. I am personally a big fan of planners. Ever since I have started using planners, I am taking actions, feeling organized and turning my dreams into reality. For example, this Blog post. I planned it the previous night, wrote the niche, focused keywords on my planner and yayyy, here you are reading it now.

8#Presentation design:

If you are good at creating insightful information in slides, you can create powerful and engaging presentations for people using Canva and make money from it. 

9#T-shirt design:

What is the first thing we look at when we buy a t-shirt? Probably the colour and graphics. I personally go for quotes most of the time. So, can you think of a design on a t-shirt that you actually make sales? If yes, then you can turn your creative thoughts into  results just using CANVA. I have recently hired a Freelance graphic designer to make me some custom typographic t-shirt designs. She did an amazing job. 

10#Design restaurant Menus:

The menu you search for while visiting a good restaurant for dinner is a part of Graphic design and someone has definitely made a handsome earning by designing it. You can be one of them. You can make creative menus based on the theme of the restaurants, bars or cafes and make money from it. 

Now, are you ready to use the internet in an effective way to make money using CANVA? This free tool costs you nothing but can give you unlimited earnings based on your skills and dedication. If you are afraid to go for any of the options mentioned above, let me tell you that CANVA has a lot of pre-made templates to take inspiration from. You can start it by taking one template, playing around colours, fonts, images, texts, elements. Trust me, it’s very easy-peasy. 

At the end of this blog, I would like to remind you what author Peter Drucker said, “The only skill that will be important in 21rst century is the skill of learning new skills. Everything else will become obsolete over time.”

Now, how much income are you targeting to make using CANVA? 😊

Listing down the CANVA courses that are under 1500INR and have more than 4* ratings:

  1. Canva 2020 Graphic Design Class | Latest Canva Version 3.0 with 4.5* rating/Price: 1280 INR
  2. Learning Canva from Scratch with 4.6* rating/Price: 1280 INR
  3. Canva 2020 course: Learn Complete logo designing masterclass with 4.2*/Price: 1280 INR
  4. Graphic Design: Double Your Sales With Canva with 4.4* rating/Price: 1280 INR



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