My Blogging Journey: How Did I Launch My First Blog

blogging journey

Let’s welcome this new “AVTAAR”, yes you heard me correct. It’s a renovated form of my last Blog: Twenties and Lifestyle. If you have been a reader of Twenties and Lifestyle you may be aware of that I am all about Blogging, not only as a hobby blogger but also how can you turn your hobby into a lifestyle. Yes, I took a long break from Blogging and I wanted to make your wait count. And now here I am, bringing all the answers of your queries and a go to guide to build your Blogging career. “That Blogging Girl” is going to show you the path and be the guide of your journey. And believe me when I say, if I can…. Anybody can.

blogging journey

Why I am writing about my Blogging journey ….why you should read this:


Well, I guess I just want to talk in my first blog today. Talk about my blogging journey, how it feels like when you write and people love it, how it feels when you can pay all your bills by yourself and also gift yourself a dress from your favorite brand. Most importantly, the feeling when your parents reads your blog so proudly and tap your back even though they are not aware what I am exactly doing.. but I can see the sparkling eyes and constant smile when they found my post at the very first page of Google. Don’t worry, I have no intention to feel you the boredom, I have always been a storyteller. Firstly on Instagram, now in Blog. The reason behind this journey blog post is nothing but to make you feel that you are already a diamond, and now it is the time to shine.

Once I was there in your place where you are now. Thinking about to start a Blog, where to start, confused about what to write, fear if people don’t like what I write…and most importantly, the time I am going to invest, will it help me financially. Nope, I am not a mind reader, I have just been through the same path and I can totally connect to you.  I hope the story of my journey can help you to take the very first step on your dreams.

Let’s talk about dreams:


Do you have a dream that doesn’t let you to sleep? I am sure you have, we all do. Dreams are the fuel that wakes you up in every morning and tells you to take another step towards. Then what are you afraid of?  I remember when I was twenty years old and I was only about Instagram. I started writing captions and I noticed people could connect to my words. Then the ideas of Blogging hit my mind and believe me, the more I got into it, the more I become confident. And guess what happened next?? I launched my first ever Blog “”.

I still remember at the very first month of Blogging, I earned $113. The amount many look little, but for me it was equivalent to million dollar. And of course, why it wouldn’t be? Make money online is real…..and I did it. My Domain and Hosting cost me $65 and I was able to save $48 from my first month of Blogging.

Then my blogging journey starts. Things started growing….so my Blog and so am I. During my college life even, I was able to pay my fees, travel to places and also buy my favorite stuffs. So, dream big… if you have the courage to pursue them, all your dreams can come true.

So, this is the first post of my Blog “That Blogging Girl”. If you would like to know more about me and my blogging journey, don’t hesitate to check the “About us” section.

Wanna be a friend?? Head to my Facebook Page That Blogging Girl or shoot me a DM on Instagram @Kiyashmi.

Till then, keep dreaming….keep blogging. 🙂


  1. I truly adore your hard work. You are such a self-motivated person I ever come across. I love reading your blog. More power to this new blog.

    1. Hey girl, thank you so much. It truly means a lot to me. We fall to rise again with more power :).
      Lots of love 🙂

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