Nameri National Park: Pleasing Gateway from Tezpur

Nameri National Park

Being an Assam born, I feel very happy to write about an amazing place of my native land: Nameri National Park. I have visited Nameri so many times and every time I step on that land, I feel like a wonder forest woman. In this Blog post, I am going to share with you a total guide about this place so that whenever you visit Assam next, you make sure to keep it in your bucket list.

Nameri National Park Nameri National Park

Nameri is a national park situated at a distance of 35 kilometers from the historical place Tezpur of Assam. With the area of 200 square kilometers, this national park was established in 1978 under the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. Along with the river Jia Bharali, Nameri has become a resident of several flora and fauna.

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Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Nameri National park is from November to April. During monsoon days, Nameri is not opened for tourists due to flood. As most of the places stay under water during monsoon days, the best time to visit this exciting Himalayan foothill is from winter to spring.

Nameri National ParkNameri National Park

How to reach:

If one starts the journey from Guwahati they can reach Tezpur within 5-6 hours. Buses and all public transports are available to Tezpur from Guwahati. From Tezpur town, Nameri is at a distance of 35 kilometers. For a complete journey hiring a taxi is the best option.

Where to stay:

The Eco camp Nameri is a famous place to stay in Nameri national park. A resort with traditional bamboo cottages and green environment, the eco camp of Nameri is a worthy place to stay. The Eco camp Nameri is a pocket-friendly motel with all essential facilities. The workers of Eco camp Nameri also guide tourists throughout the whole journey. Anyone who wills to visit Nameri once, There are also some cheap hotels are available near Nameri national park.

Nameri National Park Nameri National Park

Things to do in Nameri national park:

Nameri national park is famous for extinct animals like tigers, leopards, elephants and several unseen birds. A park full over rivers and lush green valleys including exotic flora and fauna have definitely some good places to see.

1. Nameri wildlife sanctuary: 

Nameri is called “House of Elephants “and “Paradise of birds”. A safari tour through this wildlife sanctuary is one of the best things to do in Nameri. Tourist guides are available at Nameri Eco camp. People from various places come here to bird watching.

Nameri National ParkNameri National Park

2. River Rafting:

An adventurous river rafting is available on river Jia Bharali at Nameri National Park. A great exciting experience will take three hours around Jia Bharali River. Nameri river rafting is one of the cheapest river rafting of India.

3. Nameri eco camp:

Nameri Eco camp is one of the places to visit in Nameri itself. The resort is surrounded by beautiful national scenery and bamboo cottages. Some small stalls are also installed by localities where they sell traditional food including laru, pitha, pickles etc. Tourists used to visit the camp and love the taste of pure traditional delicacies of the stalls. A small museum is also there to showcase variant cultures and traditions of Assam. ”Japi”, ”Horai” are placed beautifully inside the museum.

Nameri National Park
Bonfire at the night in Nameri eco camp is one of the most enjoyable things to do. In some winter nights, sitting near a bonfire in between green nature with friends is enough to refresh one’s mind.

4. Angling at Nameri:

There are many rivers have come across Nameri national park. Therefore fishing is a famous activity to do for fun in this park. ”The Golden Mahseer” fish commonly known as “Tiger of the Himalayan River “are frequently can be seen in the rivers of Nameri.

Nameri National Park

On 15th November 1998, Nameri was officially established as a national park. But still, the park needs some eyes of government for the development. Recently Nameri has become famous for its verdurous greeneries and exotic wildlife species due to which it is counted among one of the most famous places to visit in Assam.

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