Mobile Lightroom Preset-Wonderland


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Wonderland- Lightroom preset pack (Desktop+Mobile)

Enhance your pictures and create a vibrant feed with this “Wonderland Lightroom preset”

What does the package include?

  1. This package includes 5 DNG files(5 different presets)- Mobile app+ Desktop software friendly
  2. 1 installation guide to guide you how to install the preset+how to implement it on your own pictures.


1. What are Lightroom Presets?

– Okay, I would define it as a one-click edit on Lightroom app. Presets are made with editable pre-made settings that you can apply to your raw pictures.

2. I am very new to Lightroom App, Can I use it?

– Well of course, This preset pack comes with an installation guide . So, if you have the Lightroom app installed, you can easily use this preset pack to edit your pictures. Learning an app, a software is a very satisfying feeling. I am sure you will be amazed with the outcomes.

3. Why to go for Lightroom preset when I can use filters?

– Filters are also one click change but you cannot edit it as per your requirement. Lightroom Presets are pre-made settings that can be altered by you. For example, after using a Lightroom preset, if you feel it is more brightened, you need a bit more contrast, you want a particular colour to pop out little more or anything, you can make it happen. With mobile filters, you cannot do that.

4. How does investing on Lightroom Presets help?

– As I have already said, Lightroom Presets are pre-made adjustable settings. So, its one-click edit, which implies time saving. If you are a Blogger, influencer or a professional photographer who needs to edit multiple pictures within a limited time period without compromising on quality or outcome, Lightroom Presets are your saviour.

– Lightroom Presets help you to build a cohesive feed that will make your Instagram feed looks very eye catchy and ultimately it attracts audience, brands and clients.

– Lightroom Presets allows you to play around the app with editable settings. So, you can make any change as per your requirement. Example, for skin tone, play with the orange colour settings.

5. I want to return this preset pack, it’s not working for me.

– I have invested a lot of time and efforts to create this presets that fits well into a particular sets of pictures that will result you a photograph with minimal edit. It may happen that your picture is not looking as you expected. Please do not worry, it is because the pictures are taken in different lightings, cameras. I suggest you to play around “exposure”, “hues”, “contrast”, “Highlight”, “Shadows” to get the desirable tone.

I suggest you to go through the description, look at before/after picture prior to purchasing. Feel free to contact me at kiyashmi@thatblogginggirl.com if you have any query.

This is a digital product. Therefore there is no returns and refunds. 



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