The Game-changing Hashtag Guide for 2021


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This product includes a 25-page PDF eBook on increasing your social media exposure by using hashtags effectively.

If you purchase this product, you will get a complementary Hashtag worksheet & 300 ready-to-use hashtags for Creators/influencers/small biz owners. (Categorised as per popularity) 🙂 yay!!


Did you know that #hashtags aren’t just cute little things we add in our captions? Hashtags have a purpose and their purpose could be just what you’re missing to get yourself seen! 

Hashtags categorize content and file it inside of its #keywords, making it easily discoverable. If you click on a hashtag or search for a particular hashtag, you will see a page of all posts tagged with it.

The fight with social media is real. It’s not just you. Your fellow creatives, other businesses, and even your competitors struggle with figuring out how to be seen on the internet. With new algorithm rolled out, increasing number of Instgrammers, we are unable to get exciting reach and engagement through hashtags these days. 

I get it. This happened with me as well. After months of experiments with hashtags, I have figured out few game changing strategies to use them effectively. 

A few years ago, new algorithms rolled out as a rude awakening to those of us who aren’t in the “friends and family” category of our audiences. We were no longer buzzing the same exciting engagement and reach as before.

Introducing you to my secret weapon that helped me to maximise my reach and engagement, and furthermore,  reach new audiences who haven’t met you yet. 

This E-book includes some curated contents like:

  • Introduction of hashtags
  • Why your hashtags performance has slowed down
  • Tailor-made hashtag strategies to boost your IG growth in 2021
  • Complementary worksheet to plan your hashtags and keep a track of it.
  • Complementary 300 “READY-TO-USE” hashtags for creators, influencers or small biz owners in the following popularity range:
  1. 3000 posts – 10,000 posts
  2. 10,000 posts – 50,000posts
  3. 50,000 posts – 150,000 posts 
  4. 150,000 posts – 300,000 posts 
  5. 300,000 posts – 800,000 posts 
  6. 800,000 posts – 1,500,000 posts 
  7. 1,500,000 posts – 3,000,000 posts 
  8. over 3,000,000 posts 

This is an opportunity to challenge yourself to develop a business savvy side in social media that you probably never thought you’d dive into.

Please note: 

  • This product has been created with lot of efforts. Request you to use it for personal use ONLY.
  • As it is a Digital product, all sales are final and no refunds will be provided. Although if you have any query, feel free to contact me at kiyashmi@thatblogginggirl.com. I will definitely help you out.


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